Our Approach

Typically we work with your existing consultants and management, providing strategic advice and verifying integrity and consistent implementation.  We help you establish your in-house steering committee, suggest responsiblities, and involve various client-disciplines and skills on an as-needed basis.  We are good at anticipating issues.  We have the experience and skill to view beyond the corners to help you successfully chart your course.

Our Story

We are a collection of independent consultants that have addressed governmental and corporate strategic planning and decisions for years.  We saw the need to pointed assistance on a project basis -- and we enjoy working with each other.

About Our Founder

We offer a very select array of consultants who have deep experience in the energy and natural resources field.  Their action areas include corporate securities compliance, database design and management, field operations, and energy management.

Paul M. Bohannon


He addressed many of the most serious issues in the U.S, and his foreign work has included Mongolian and Myanmar projects.  He is well known for his work on transparency issues and strategic guidance.

Before retiring as a lawyer, Paul represented many clients in dealing with energy and natural resource related crises.  He represented citizens in their effort to stop a Superfund listing of a legacy mining site.  He successfully represented the Center for Marine Conservation in its efforts to protect sea turtles.  He managed multiple chemical works sites, as well as designing a community involvement plan for a 2,000 acre residential development on chemical properties in Nevada.  In Mongolia, Paul coordinated efforts among government ministers, Nomadic citizens, urban citizens, mining industries, and the national labor union to create Mongolia's plan to enhance environmental enforcement.He also worked in Myanmar with NGOs and the newly democratic government in evaluating proposed hydroelectric dams.

Paul graduated from Southern Methodist University School of Law, earning top academic honors.  He also received special training from the Harvard University Program on Negotiation.