Strategic Crisis Counseling

Our experienced consultants can steer you through the most difficult circumstances.  We discretely support your employee and external communications, public and governmental perceptions, and work to protect your most valued asset -- your goodwill and integrity.

Above All: Integrity

If your crisis arises from internal error, we help you assure integrity in the root cause analysis as well as any customer or governmental relations.  We monitor your legal, public relations, and employee communications to maneuver a steady course through difficult waters.

Foreign Crises Are Not Foreign to Us

We are a tailored yet highly acclaimed group of consultants.  We have counseled foreign clients and worked with cabinet-level foreign administrators to address inadequate governmental actions, human rights, and international contracting issues that resulted in domestic strife.  We offer strategic advice in implementing policy changes and program development.

Strategic Planning or Crisis Response

Our folks offer you the finest in management support, whether strategic planning or crisis response.  We have worked closely with foreign ministers in various countries.  We understand the extractive industries and have coordinated government, industry and citizen controversies.  Our experience in both field operations and policy development help improve your strategic planning and crisis response.  We are experts in transparency.  Our efforts in Mongolia facilitated the adoption of six federal statutes and policies that improved environmental violation reporting and enforcement by 90%.  Our personnel served as a moderator for Harris County, Texas in developing its pandemic crisis planning strategy -- deciding who would receive vital services when insufficient life-saving resources exist.  We can help you with these difficult planning and response efforts.


When difficult decisions confront you, your next step ...

Is to call Enviro-Crisis.  We can calm your difficult waters and assure your integrity is protected.